Friday, January 7, 2011

Britney Spears Was Inspiration For Gwyneth Paltrow For ‘Country Strong’

 Britney Spears Was Inspiration For Gwyneth Paltrow For ‘Country Strong’

Something tells me Britney Spears will take this story about as well as Lindsay Lohan took Gwyneth Paltrow’s mocking of her on ‘Glee.’ Anyway, according to Fox News’ Pop Tarts, Gwyneth’s character was partly inspired by Britney’s very public problems for Gwyneth’s character’s comeback in her new movie, ‘Country Strong.’
“You see a lot of these themes in real life, while I was writing the script a lot of those things that were happening with Britney Spears were very public,” writer/director Shana Feste revealed to FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “She was shaving her head, and I saw how fixated we are as a society in building people up to see their downfall and then the pleasure we take in building them up again.
Gwyneth herself said that she turned to her friend, singer Beyonce, for advice about performing.
“I picked the brains of my girl singer friends more.  I obsessively watched Beyonce perform, she is ‘it’ in terms of a performer – if I could just get a little bit of that abandon she has on stage, that’s what I was really focusing on,” Paltrow explained.
And actually, Gwyneth’s public persona is so different from Britney’s that the film studio president initially balked at the thought of Gwyneth taking the part!
“He thought everyone was so crazy because I was so wrong,” she said. ‘When you think ‘country superstar drink addict’ maybe you don’t think of me, but it’s in there… I haven’t been macrobiotic for a long time now, drinking country singer is much closer to the real me!”
OK, Gwyneth. Something tells me there’s a BIG difference between eating a macrobiotic diet and alcoholism- LOL.

Are you looking forward to seeing Gwyneth in ‘Country Strong‘?

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