Friday, January 7, 2011

Brace Yourselves: Snooki Is Set To Become A Brand

 Brace Yourselves: Snooki Is Set To Become A Brand

I guess it was inevitable. ‘Jersey Shore’ has become MTV’s biggest hit show, and I think The Situation has done about all he can do. So bring on Snooki! The New York Post reports Snooki is preparing to roll out a number of licensed products under the name “Snooki.”
That means fuzzy slippers, blingy jewelry, and giant sunglasses for starters, says Stephen Goodman of SRG Ventures.
Then, over the next year, the firm also sees the potential to expand into numerous other categories, including denim, sportswear, lingerie, handbags, personal care, beauty products, fra grances, swimwear, bedding and home goods.
You didn’t honestly think that someone who celebrated her last birthday wearing a princess tiara and did her own ball drop on New Year’s Eve would stop with a book (‘A Shore Thing’) and a jewelry line, did you? The third season of ‘Jersey Shore’ premieres tonight. Are you ready?

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