Friday, January 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Want To Be Too Close To Samantha Ronson

 Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Want To Be Too Close To Samantha Ronson

I thought I’d heard reports that Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, visited the actress while she was in rehab. However, it looks like the two aren’t that close. Lindsay may have just moved into the building next to Samantha’s condo, but she wants her space, according to Radar Online.
Lindsay Lohan wants to build a fence so new neighbor and ex-lover Sam Ronson can’t “spy or see” what’s going on inside her rehabbed actress’ beachside home, has exclusively learned.
How could Lindsay Lohan have NOT known that before renting the place? Samantha doesn’t sound too happy about her new neighbor, either.
“Trust me, it wasn’t planned,” Ronson fumed to paparazzi.
So Lindsay Lohan reportedly plans to build a fence between the two properties.
“It will give both of them some space and privacy,” one source close to Lindsay told, “and it will ensure neither of them can see or spy on each other!”
Judging from the picture of the buildings (you can see it here), I’m guessing that’s not going to be an easy thing to get approved, but I guess it’s the effort that counts. Given the other pressures Lindsay Lohan is facing, this isn’t a big deal.

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