Saturday, January 8, 2011

RHOBH Was Edited To Make Camille Grammar The Bad Guy: Not Returning For Season 2

 RHOBH Was Edited To Make Camille Grammar The Bad Guy: Not Returning For Season 2

Wait a minute… you are telling me that a reality show is edited to create personalities? There are actually a group of workers who create something from nothing and typecast people into the roles they need in order to raise ratings? WHAT! SAY IT AIN’T SO!!

What did Camille Grammar expect?! If you sign up for a reality show you HAVE to know that they will paint any picture they want of you. You can be made to look like a victim or an attacker with the right sequence of clips.

Camille’s friend Allison DuBois has confirmed that the Real Housewife is not returning for season 2… and it has a lot to do with the way the show was edited. She told Fox411:
“I was completely shocked when I saw the episode,” DuBois told “Camille brought the DVD over the night before it aired so that we could watch it together, and I was just horrified.”
“Faye just kept on challenging me—you know, ‘Prove that you’re psychic! Prove it!’” DuBois, whose life inspired the TV show “Medium,” explained. “I was just there to support Camille because she was having a hard time stomaching the women. I was there as a buffer, and they really made it look as if Camille and I were attacking Kyle and Faye. They’re no shrinking violets, but the editors made it look as if we were the ones instigating it. That’s not what happened at all. They didn’t show Faye picking the fight, and they didn’t show Kyle insulting us for four hours. It was a four-hour dinner! You try and sit at a table with those women for four hours—it’s not easy.”
Naturally, Bravo released a statement protecting themselves from these accusations:
“It’s always easiest to blame the ‘editing’ when people don’t like what they say or do on TV.
There you have it! Whose side are you on?

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