Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anna Paquin Runs Errands In LA

 Anna Paquin Runs Errands In LA

Anna Paquin was a no show at the People’s Choice Awards and left husband and ‘True Blood’ co-star Stephen Moyer to walk the red (I mean blue) carpet on his own. Yesterday afternoon, the paparazzi caught up with Anna as she ran errands in LA. I thought perhaps she was sick and that’s why she didn’t attend the award show. Guess she just didn’t feel like getting dolled up??

The actress has been quietly working on a few movies and just wrapped two titles.

Margaret: A young woman (Paquin) witnesses a bus accident, and is caught up in the aftermath, where the question of whether or not it was intentional affects many people’s lives.

Scream 4: Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.

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