Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oprah Winfrey: I'm a Messenger...

During her discussion with reporters at yesterday's Television Critics Association press tour talked about the launching of OWN. At length.

The host went off about her role in the world and how she doesn't let herself watch TV. For what reason? Read for yourself...

Oprah Winfrey Interview

 Oprah Winfrey: I'm a Messenger...

What is she all about?

The evolving of consciousness is really what I’m about, but I’m not telling people that’s what it is. All of us are here to become more of who we are, of who you really were born to be. Every single one of us in this room has that. That is how we are all equal, because I was born to be who the creator intended, whether you believe in the creator or not.

Whatever you believe put you here, you were born to perform the highest expression of that coming. That is my goal as my personal self and it is also my goal to help other people see that in themselves. I fully understand that this platform that I have been given is a gift.

Why doesn't she watch TV?

I don't want all that energy coming into my space; I want to control the energy coming into my space.

What is her role in the universe?

After The Color Purple, I learned that God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself. I try to live in that space that is the universe’s dream for me, the bigger dream. As you heard me say to Barbara Walters, my prayer is: use me.

I see myself really as a messenger for a message that is greater than myself. The message is: You can. You can. You can. You can do and you can be and you can grow and it can get better and it doesn’t matter where you were born or who your mother was or how many doctorate degrees you did have or your family had or your father had. It doesn’t matter. You can. You can do. (THG)

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