Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mandatory Report, Luna Maya Not Meet Ariel

Luna Maya (cumicumi.com)
Today suspected pornographic video with Ariel, Luna Maya is scheduled to report back at Police Headquarters. Luna which was accompanied by his manager, Ramona Vita arrived at headquarters at about 10:50 pm, Monday (08/09) with a ride in black. Luna was seen wearing a white shirt and black skirt.

We went into the back door Bareskrim, Luna immediately covered her face with a veil to avoid the shots the photographers. As always, Luna was not issued a single word.

Although the beloved Ariel was also in the holding room Police Headquarters, but Vita said her home island was not met with Ariel.

"I do not (meet Ariel). Because instead of hours visits, "said manager Luna Maya, Vitalia Ramona after his side in Bareskrim, Monday (08/09).

Luna was just talking about the breaking of fast on his birthday later. The plan, go to fast to do with Ariel, who was behind prison bars.

Luna Maya news about getting married with Ariel after Lebaran, Vita claimed not to know. "Because I never talk like that," he concluded. (Source: cumicumi.com)

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