Monday, August 9, 2010

Manager: Not Fiancé, Just a Family Meeting

Andriani Marshanda (second from right)
Through social networking sites, circulated the news if the artist Andriani Marshanda or the familiar greetings Chacha has been engaged to her boyfriend, Ben Kasyafani. Chacha and Ben had a long love relationship.
At the end of last week, reportedly houses the arrival of a large family Marshanda VJ Ben who is a lover of the beautiful artist. But when reporters tried to confirm the news to the manager Chacha, Lia denies this.

"It's just an introductory events and family gatherings. But, not her fiancé. The religion is not no such thing as a fiancee," Lia said to reporters, Monday (08/09).
As alluded to whether the arrival of Ben's family to formally apply Marshanda, Lia did not want to respond. Lee reiterated that it was just an ordinary family meeting.

"Wow is not an application. Yes, it's just a family gathering. It's like fasting month," he said as he ended the conversation. (Source:

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