Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fashion Praises and Friendly Advice: Rockstars

Slacker rocker Scott Pilgrim about to take over the world in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. One of the ways rock stars take over is by rocking wild fashions onstage. Think bizarre headgear, racy lingerie, sequins galore, and sky-high platforms. 

But that doesn’t mean they always pull their crazy stage gear off. Let’s see who overwhelms, who underwhelms and who just…whelms in the arena.

Kate Durbin is a Los Angeles-based writer, performer, and fashion artist. She is the author of The Ravenous Audience (Black Goat/Akashic, 2009), Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviator’s Boot (Dancing Girl Press, 2009), and Kept Women (Insert Press, forthcoming). 

She is founding editor of the project Gaga Stigmata: Critical Writings and Art About Lady Gaga, which has been featured by and The Huffington Post, among others. Her fashion essay, Prices Upon Request, can be viewed at ZG Press’ website. Read more at her blog Ornament and Excrement.

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