Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is never easy...

In the wake of the Celtics' Kendrick Perkins trade, my unintentionally incendiary post about the trade, and Doc Rivers' assertion that "[I] feel like [I] lost a family member today," I decided to take my devotion to the Celtics and this Web site to a new level.

This past weekend, I tested Doc Rivers theory and traded my 9-year-old son (the one I felt has the least potential) to another family for their son. I made sure to trade my son to a family that wasn't in my grammar school district, so that I wouldn't have to worry about his talents impeding my own family's success (at least not until high school rolls around), and I made sure that I got a kid who's skills filled some voids, and would compliment the skills of the rest of my family.

The experience has been interesting, to say the least. My new son, Bobby, is fitting in well, and we're getting used to the change. I think in the end, we'll be a better family for it, but I still have lingering emotions, and can now confidently confirm that Doc Rivers was right - it totally feels like I traded Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder.

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