Saturday, March 5, 2011

Like A Bosh: Nationally Televised Single-Double Watch

Superstar material right there.

On our very first Worst Of The Night this season, commenter Lord Kerrance had this to say about the Boshmallow's personal hubris upon his successful attachment to the "Heatles" -

From the Toronto Star:

"Really, it’s all about being on TV at the end of the day," the five-time all-star said Tuesday. "Seriously. A guy can average 20 and 10, and nobody really cares. If you don’t see it (on U.S. national TV), then it doesn’t really happen."

Glad to know that nationally televised double-single counts. Looking forward to many more.

I replied...

I think we HAVE to do a CB4 Nationally Televised Double-Single Tracker now.

Everyone with me? :D :D

Despite encouragement by The Other Chris, Lord Kerrance worried about a stat curse from our preemptive smackdown of the 7th most important member of the South Beach triumverate...but we needn't have fretted.

It turns out that he indeed was setting the tone for a mist of mediocrity, one which can now be quantified!


Listed below are CB's nationally televised games (whether in the US or Canada) and the critical statline for this elite pillow forward - whether he earned double-digits in one category or less, or not.

Heat-Celtics (TNT)
Not a single double - he did go a mere 3-11 from the field though!

Magic-Heat (ESPN)
10 boards, 11 points - double-double

Celtics-Heat (TNT)
15 points - single-double!!!!!!!!!!

Craptors-Heat (TSN - nationally televised in Canada LOL)
12 points - single-double!

Suns-Heat (ESPN)
35 points!...and nothing else. Single-double.

Heat-Magic (ESPN)
21 points - single-double!

Heat-Cadavers (TNT)
15 points - single-double

Heat-Warriors (ESPN)
16 points - single-double

Heat-Knicks (ESPN)
26 points - single-double

Heat-Suns (TNT)
23 points AND 11 boards - double-double

Heat-Lakers (ABC)
10 assists, 27 points - double-double

Heat-Nuggets (TNT)
24 points - single-double

Heat-Bulls (WGN)
17 points, but 11 bricks - negatory double-double

Heat-Thunder (ABC)
20 points - single-double!

Heat-Magic (TNT)
13 points - single-double

Heat-Celtics (ABC)
10 boards, 24 points - double-double

Heat-Craptors (TSN2 - nationally televised in Canada!)
25 points - single-double

Heat-Bulls (TNT)
11 bricks - single-double!!!!

Knicks-Heat (ESPN)
12 boards, 20 points - double-double


Magic-Heat (TNT)
13 points - single-double

Final Conclusion

Like a Bosh, 13 single-doubles and one less-than-single double performance (out of 20 nationally televised games) CAN'T be wrong, can they? And with one of his double-doubles resulting from having 11 bricks, this means that 70% of his nationally televised performances are middling-or-worse.

Maybe there was something to the idea that he played better rollerskating in obscurity on a bad team...just maybe.

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