Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bawful After Dark: March 2, 2011

Pro tip: Try catching the basketball with your hands, not your face

Hard to follow up that Evil Ted post, but I don't have kids to be awesome in any videos I might do, so that's understandable, right?

Worst of the Night in Pictures:
"Dear God! They're shutting down the buffet early!!!"

Lessons in How Not To Look Intimidating, starring Jason Terry

Nationally Televised Games:
Suns at Celtics, NBA TV, 7:30pm: Apparently the key is to keep the ball away from Channing Frye in the last seconds of the game. Good to know.

Rockets at Clippers, 10:30pm: Right now, the Rockets are like Willie Nelson -- they just can't wait to get on the road again. (However, I assume they smoke much less marijuana than Willie Nelson.)

All The Other Games:
Bulls at Hawks, 7pm: The Bulls and Hawks face each other three times in the next three weeks. So let's just hope this gets us off to a good start. Otherwise, it could be a long few weeks.

Spurs at Cadavers, 7pm: The Spurs are missing Tony Parker, but the Cadavers are missing a decent basketball team. Advantage: San Antonio.

Warriors at Wizards Generals, 7pm: I think this speaks volumes: ESPN's preview page of this game doesn't include a preview.

Timberwolves at Pistons, 7:30pm: All right! A chance for Darko Milicic to show the Pistons what they missed by giving up on him!

Hornets at Knicks, 7:30pm: Wait a second... you mean to tell me the Knicks have given up over 106 points per game playing Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony together while being coached by Mike D'Antoni? Who could have ever seen this coming???

Pacers at Thunder, 8pm: Interesting note about the Pacers: Mike Dunleavy is their second highest paid player. And you wonder why this team is fighting for an 8 seed in the East.

Bobcraps at Nuggets, 9pm: I'm a bit confused. Does Charlotte even have a plan, or do they just make this stuff up as they go along? Does MJ care either way?

Frail Blazers at Kings, 10pm: Three words: Power Balance Arena. Sigh. Also, via the Onion: DeMarcus Cousins Worried He Might Have Locker Room Cancer.

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