Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bawful After Dark: March 1, 2011

Clippers Kings Basketball
Maloofs? More like Aloofs! (rimshot)

Here's an absolute must-watch video: A Mike Bibby Wizards Generals Retrospective.

Best new Tumblr page? Sad Perk. Case in point:

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Not sure why, but Thibodeau's expression here is creeping me out

Hawks Nuggets Basketball
...Though not as much as this expression

Nationally Televised Games:
Knicks at Magic, NBA TV, 7pm: Funny what a difference trades can make. A month ago, this game is beyond irrelevant. Now it's relevant enough to be on national TV! Well, at least an optionally available channel if you get the right package from your cable/satellite provider. Assuming that provider even offers the channel. So, uh, that's nice. (Damn you, NBA-TV-having people.)

All The Other Games:
Warriors at Pacers, 7pm: That OT defeat versus the Suns marked the fourth loss in six games. Can we go ahead and call the death of the dead coach bounce?

Mavericks at 76ers, 7pm: According to Wojnarowski: "Agent Bob Myers tells Y! that clients T.J. Ford (Pacers) and Jason Kapono (Sixers) are 'both unlikely to be bought out.' Midnight deadline." How unfortunate. Kapono's Null-Star status should have gotten him a ticket to a better organization, right?

Also, Deadspin just posted this recreation of Mark Cuban's Twitter slap fight with Buzz Bissinger. Stunning.

Hornets at Craptors, 7pm: Meanwhile, we all have sort of accepted that the Hornets are fool's gold. That being said, ladies and gentlemen, the Toronto Craptors!

Pistons at Bucks, 8pm: Is anyone else as compelled by the absolutely ridiculous John Kuester saga in Detroit? We keep hearing these little tidbits, such as Rip Hamilton violently berating him in front of teammates, but there's no validation or proof of any claims either side is making. I anxiously await further developments because it seems like anything could happen next.

Lakers at Timberwolves, 8pm: The last game before Kevin Love's epic double-double streak? Against the Lakers. Revenge game time? (Not that it really matters for the final score, but moral victories, folks. Moral victories.)

Spurs at Grizzlies, 8pm: With Tony Parker on the shelf for a couple weeks, things could get interesting. Memphis is one of those up-and-down, unpredictable teams, and they're on one of their stretches of "we're good enough to make the playoffs!" basketball. Of course that's capable of switching to "we're the friggin' Grizzlies? Ughhhhhhhh!" at any point in time.

Rockets at Frail Blazers, 10pm: Did you know the Rockets have won five straight road games? Where the hell did they come from?

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