Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Katie Price Launches Day22 Fashion Line

Katie Price Launches Day22 Fashion Line

She’s always looking for ways to expand her empire, and earlier today (February 22) Katie Price was spotted launching her new fashion range in London, England.

The model/designer/author showed off some new looks from her Day22 label while the paparazzi eagerly snapped up pictures.

In related news, Katie’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Alex Reid has reported demanded $9.7 million in alimony settlement.

Previously, Katie Price had agreed to give him $1 million and buy him a house, but it seems Reid is getting a bit greedy considering they were together less than a year.

An insider told press, "Alex's demand for her to pay him USD 9.7 million as part of a divorce settlement have left her staggered. She can't help but think Alex is a very deluded man indeed."

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