Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg Convinced Awards Attention Is A One-Time Thing

Jesse Eisenberg Convinced 
Awards Attention Is A One-Time Thing

Despite being nominated for just about every award out there, Jesse Eisenberg is convinced this is all just a once-in-lifetime thing. The “Social Network” star said:
“I’ve never been involved in a movie that’s received this kind of attention. I’ve never played a role that’s received this kind of attention… I imagine this will be the only time in my life where this will happen.
He’s finding the whole process to be a little strange:
“The endless promotion (has) been a bit jarring… There are actually some people who do this every year. To me it just seems like a really taxing process.
“You lose a sense of perspective. You lose a sense of needing to be creative. You lose a sense of what actual life is like. And you lose a sense of your own abilities… And one day, I can tell my children about how silly it was.”
He’s pretty young, and assuming that he sticks with acting, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him during awards season each year.


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