Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jenna Fischer Opens Up About Changes In ‘The Office’

Jenna Fischer Opens Up 
About Changes In ‘The Office’

Everyone is wondering what’s going to happen with ‘The Office’ now that Steve Carrell is leaving. E! Online caught up with Jenna Fischer during last night SAG awards and got her to open up a bit about the planned adjustments.
“I can tell you that it’s not as simple as Steve leaving and a new person coming in. There’s going to be a lot of restructuring. You’re going to see people from the past and some new people.
Losing Steve for the show is going to be massive, and I think no one will be able to do what he does truly,” he said. “But really we’re losing a good friend and a family member.”
People from the past… hmmmmmnnn??? Wonder who she means!

We’ve already heard that Will Ferrell is scheduled to guest star. I have a feeling NBC is going to make sure we all want to continue to tune in and will do whatever it takes to keep ‘The Office’ going. So excited to see what’s up their sleeves!


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