Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing the 50 Most Beautiful Women over 50

Introducing the 50 Most Beautiful 
Women over 50


Ours is a youth-obsessed culture, and one particularly unfair to women in the entertainment and beauty industry. There are myriad mature women, however, who continue to be celebrated for their diverse allures and talents—many of whom have graciously shared their unique and textured perspectives on what it means to feel beautiful.

It goes without saying that beauty is subjective. The women featured on our list were selected and ordered according to Zimbio reader popularity (determined via a poll game with hundreds of thousands of votes), how much people searched for them on the Internet, and their relevance in the fashion and beauty industries—everything from landing cosmetics contracts to launching clothing lines.

While all the women on the list have established careers in the entertainment industry, many have used their celebrity as a springboard to champion other causes.
Some are successful entrepreneurs; many are devoted to charitable efforts domestically and abroad. These are mothers, writers, singers, thinkers and crusaders. See what makes these women feel beautiful. 

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