Friday, February 18, 2011

Henry Cavill Talks Scoring “Superman” Gig

Henry Cavill Talks Scoring “Superman” Gig

He’s the new face of the “Superman” franchise, and Henry Cavill feels blessed to have gotten the job.
The 27-year-old actor confessed he wasn’t sure he’d get hired, as he had just lost a bunch of muscle in order to star in Bruce Willis’ “The Cold LIght of Day.”

Henry explained, "All I could think was: Oh, God. They're going to look at me and go, 'He's not Superman. Not a chance.’ The actor inside me was going: 'You're not ready! You're not ready!'"

But director Zack Snyder says Cavill was the right man for the job. "He walked out, and no one laughed. Other actors put that suit on, and it's a joke, even if they're great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go, 'Wow.' OK: This was Superman."

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