Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautiful Tollywood actress Madhurima in Denim Short

Madhurima - exposed body curves

South Indian beauty Madhurima is a new actress in Tollywood and has already caught the attention of everyone with her new movie. She is making her debut with the film 'Aa Okkadu' starring opposite well noted hero turned villain Ajay.In the filim Aa Okkadu revolves around Pavithra (Madhurima), a criminal psychologist who lives with her father (Vijay Chander), a retired magistrate, and her sister's daughter. She is battling for the custody of her deceased sister’s daughter with her brother-in-law who is found murdered one day. The police suspect her in the murder and as she is trying to solve the case, a swamiji is also found murdered and she becomes the prime suspect in this case too.The movie said to be hitting the screens on this Friday. There is a strong buzz that this beautiful new entrant Madhurima’s looks and sex appeal has been attracting many Tollywood folks.

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