Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bawful After Dark: February 1, 2011

Bucks Clippers Basketball
"Damn Maggette, your breath is funky! Ever heard of Listerine?"

Attention Bawfulites! This Joe Posnanski blog post about the Cleveland Cavaliers Cadavers is required reading: Losing As Destiny.

The Mavs are at it again. This time, we are treated to Tyson Chandler Punch-Out:

Body blow! Body blow!

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Nuggets Nets BasketballNuggets Nets Basketball
Only one thing comes to mind: that one sound from The Price is Right

Nuggets Nets Basketball
Pacers fans are a never-ending source of entertainment

Raptors Pacers Basketball
Speaking of the Pacers, here's their new head coach, Frank Vogel. I can see we're gonna have fun with this guy

LeBron, now with karate chop action!

Back off, Sean Combs Puffy Daddy P. Diddy. You haven't been relevant in a decade

Bobcats Jazz Basketball
Elbow stinger to the crotch = best way to freeze your defender, apparently

Bobcats Jazz Basketball
"Oh, sorry. You weren't drinking that, were you?"

All The Games:
Wizards Generals at Hornets, 8pm: Twenty four road game losses to start the season. The Generals have now secured at least the third worst start away from home. In hindsight, perhaps having Red Klotz take over the team was a bad idea.

Spurs at Frail Blazers, 10pm: Speaking of playing on the road, it's time for the Spurs' annual Rodeo Trip. Nine consecutive road games while the rodeo takes over the AT&T Center. They tend to use their rodeo trip to work on problems and get set for the stretch run to the playoffs. So what a better way to start than a slowdown, defensive grindout against the Blazers? I don't really have a joke here -- I am just interested to see how the Spurs respond to this particular game.

Celtics at Kings, 10pm: Intriguing matchup. Both of these teams have taken down the mighty Lakers recently! (Of course I'm being facetious and fully expect the Purple Paupers to revert back to the mean and resume their usual sucky ways)

Rockets at Lakers, 10:30pm: STOP THE PRESSES! According to ESPN, "Sore knee keeps Andrew Bynum out of Lakers' practice." Of course it does. Whomever had "before February" in their "Bynum Jacks up His Knees" pool, please collect your winnings.

Also, there's talk that Mitch Kupchak may not be opposed to making some moves to strengthen the Lakers roster.
Head coach Phil Jackson was asked what changes his team would make.

"Suicide," Jackson deadpanned. "We'll commit suicide ... mass suicide."

Lakers forward Lamar Odom assured reporters that nobody was jumping off a ledge.
"No, no, no," Odom said. "There's no coming back from that, that's it. I'm not committing suicide."
So, that's good news I guess? The Lakers aren't going to commit suicide. You can rest easy now, Wild Yams.

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