Sunday, January 9, 2011

Victoria Beckham Can Relax Around Katie Holmes

 Victoria Beckham Can Relax Around Katie Holmes

Victoria Beckham says she can relax more around Katie Holmes than she can around other parents from her kids’ school. This makes complete sense – Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise don’t have an agenda. You can’t say the same thing about non-celebrity friends. That’s one of the biggest downfalls for Hollywood stars.

Victoria – who recently admitted that she doesn’t care what people think about her – told Britain’s Vogue:
“To be honest, no-one’s that interested in us – not when Tom Cruise is down the road.
“Tom and Katie are really kind people – we’ll have a more relaxed Sunday afternoon round at their place with all the kids than we would if we went round to some of the parents from school.”
The singer turned designer also admitted that her long distant relationship with husband David Beckham is the reason why they are still going so strong.
“Maybe that’s why we’re not bored with each other after 11 years.”
Or maybe it’s because he is so darn hot! Just saying…

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