Friday, January 7, 2011

Seth Rogen Tells Howard Stern He Won’t Be Getting A Prenup

 Seth Rogen Tells Howard Stern He Won’t Be Getting A Prenup

Green Hornet‘ star Seth Rogen is out promoting the new flick and stopped by Howard Stern’s radio show this morning. Among the topics of chat – Seth’s engagement to his long-time girlfriend Lauren Miller. When prodded about the engagement, Howard got Seth to reveal that he’s not planning a prenup – and Howard tried his best to persuade him to rethink that.
“I’m not. My business manager told me to get one too.”
“Marriage can be expensive and if I lose millions then it’ll be the best millions I’ve spent,” Rogen sweetly cracked, admitting that the engagement ring he gave Miller was the most expensive thing he’d ever held before, but still less than $50,000.
Howard lectured him about how much his own divorce had cost him and also made mention of Kelsey Grammer’s pending divorce negotiations, but Seth was set in his decision, despite the fact that he makes more than enough money to “retire today”, as he shared.

Seth also shared that good friends James Franco and Jonah Hill would be in attendance at his wedding, but he didn’t want to share the date so that the paps wouldn’t descend on their day.

Do you think he should be protecting himself for down the road “just in case”? Or do you think love shouldn’t include legal documents detailing your future split?

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