Thursday, January 6, 2011

New ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member Deena Cortese Doesn’t Hold Back

 New ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member Deena Cortese Doesn’t Hold Back

Season 3 of “Jersey Shore” kicks off tomorrow night and viewers will get a look at the newest housemate Deena Cortese. Deena, who was already friends with Snooki before being cast on the show, shared with Life & Style a little bit of what we can expect from her.
She’s boldly honest about her private life:
“The most guys I’ve hooked up with in one night is probably three,”
As you can guess, dating isn’t really her thing:
“People consider me a man-eater. I don’t really like dating, though. Dates can be so awkward!”
Deena Cortese says she doesn’t like the “juice heads” like Snooki does, she prefers a man who’s a bit thinner – what she calls a “lean cuisine”:
“They’re guys who have nice muscles on them but aren’t too big. They go to the gym, but they’re not juiced-up. Pauly D would be a lean cuisine. Mike too, not Ronnie.”
Her motto isn’t GTL:
“Mine is GTS — for gym, tanning, shopping. Or GTD — gym, tanning, drinking.”
Sounds like she’s going to make quite a colorful addition to the show, right? Did you watch season 2? Was it enough to keep you waiting on season 3? There wasn’t a big gap between them, was there?

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