Saturday, January 1, 2011

Masala girl Kausha and other hotties

Kausha or Kausha Rach born in 1986 in Mumbai is the most sexy actress in Tollywood. Kausha is known as the hot sex bomb in telugu films for her item numbers and revealing her sexy body. Kausha danced for all top choreographers in Bollywood including Farha Khan and Ahmed Khan. She debuted with the film 'Premaya Namaha' a few years back and then appeared in "Alex" and then in "Attili Satti Babu". Almost all the films didn't give her any break while 'Attili Sattibabu' brought her little recognition. She acted in hot two piece bikini n that film.
Kausha says that she is ready even if for a lip locking kiss scenes.She had a lip locking attack in the film Haranath Policharla starrer Alex. She is a directors actress and will do what directors says!!! Hot item girl Kausha has so far acted in five Telugu films and did item numbers in nearly 10 films. Her films include "Attili Sattibabu LKG", "Mantra" and in "Buddha" she donned the role of Gautama Buddha's wife, Yashodara.

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