Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jason "Blu" Griffith Arrested For Murder of Debbie Flores-Narvaez, Missing Showgirl

The former boyfriend of missing Las Vegas showgirl Debbie Flores-Narvaez, who had vanished without a trace back on December 12, has been arrested.

The arrest of Jason "Blu" Griffith for murder comes after much doubt had been cast on him considering the couple's often tumultuous relationship.

Debbie Flores-Narvaez was last seen at Griffith's home.

Debbie Flores-Narvaez Picture
 Jason "Blu" Griffith Arrested For Murder of Debbie Flores-Narvaez, Missing Showgirl

Debbie Flores-Narvaez's body was later recovered in downtown Los Angeles, although police are mum on where and when the discovery was made.

Three days after she was allegedly at his home, Debbie Flores-Narvaez's car was found abandoned in a Las Vegas neighborhood, its plates removed.

Griffith is being held without bail in the Clark County Detention Center.

The brunette beauty worked in several of Las Vegas's top clubs after following her dream to be a trained dancer. She studied law and business, her family said, and she was also a cheerleading ambassador for the Washington Redskins.

Prior to her disappearance, Debbie Flores-Narvaez sent an ominous text to her mother. "In case there is ever an emergency with me, contact Blu Griffith in Vegas," the text sent on December 1 read. "My ex-boyfriend. Not my best friend."

Last October, Griffith, also Las Vegas entertainer, was arrest for domestic violence and formally charged with coercion following a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend. A preliminary hearing is set for April on the coercion charge.

Police did not immediately return calls. The attorney retained by Griffith on the coercion charge said he could not speak about the murder arrest since he has not yet been formally brought on to represent Griffith on the case. (THG)

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