Saturday, January 8, 2011

Deena Cortese Explains Flashing Incident On ‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere

 Deena Cortese Explains Flashing Incident On ‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere

Did you catch the third season premiere of ‘Jersey Shore’ last night? Apparently new cast member Deena Cortese had quite a debut: she exposed herself to The Situation. After the show aired, Deena Cortese explained what happened.
“That was such an accident,” she tells MTV News. “I swear to God,” she tells the web show Jersey Shore Hook-Up.
She says she was “really drunk,” explaining, “I didn’t know anybody, so I was like, ‘Let me get a little buzz.’” Which turned into, “I can’t feel my face.”
Deena Cortese said her intention was to show her bikini top, but she ended up showing a little bit more. :)
“I go to take off my dress, not realizing my bottoms were not there anymore and came down with my dress,” she said. “That’s when you hear me go, ‘Oh no, not the bikini.’ All frazzled. I had no idea. How embarrassing! But whatever.”
It sounds like Snooki had better watch out: Deena Cortese seems ready to be even more wild- LOL.

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