Friday, December 31, 2010

Victoria Beckham’s New Year’s Resolution – Drink Less Champagne!

 Victoria Beckham’s New Year’s Resolution – Drink Less Champagne!

Ah, it’s just about that time to start planning those New Year’s resolutions again, and Victoria Beckham has a few already. In order to begin 2011 on a healthier note, Victoria has a few resolutions for herself;
“I’d like to sleep more, drink more water and less champagne. But you have to keep it real.”
Hmmm, for a super busy mother of 3 with her own booming fashion line – not sure how real those are!  And I wonder if that resolution to drink less champagne will work out for her though, since she’s said that she and David Beckham keep their marriage alive by having weekly date nights;
“We go and get drunk and have a date every Wednesday.”
“Sometimes we treat each other to an afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel and we’ll each have a massage and spend the day in our robes.”
Well, maybe she can just drink less champagne every day of the week but Wednesday! Something tells me that the former ‘Posh’ Spice might have a hard time giving up her champagne:-D
So do you make new year’s resolutions?

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