Friday, December 31, 2010

Katy Perry Incorporating Scent Into Tour?

 Katy Perry Incorporating Scent Into Tour?

Oy vey! What will they come up with next?!

Sooooo….groundbreaking? Or just plain weird? Katy Perry wants her fans to have a full experience so she’s decided that she’s going to incorporate sense of smell into her next tour.
“It’s going to be great – all the dates have sold out in the UK already. I want it to be really fun and very visual.
“It’s going to engage all the senses, so we’re looking into alternative stuff like smell. We’re talking to a couple of companies at the moment about creating an aroma for the performance.”
Katy Perry adds that her wardrobe is a production in and of itself. She does wear some crazy tight clothes when she performs!
“There will be a medley of looks, and they’ll be very strong. When I get changed during a show it’s like I’m at a Formula One pit stop. There’s Velcro being ripped off and stuff getting strapped onto me.
“On my ‘Hurricane’ tour I wore a different outfit every single night. It was crazy, and not cheap.”
I’m not so sure I would enjoy a scent being blasted at my while I was at a concert. Sense of small is a very particular thing and what one person may love, another hates. Do you think you would enjoy the way Katy is going to incorporate scent into her tour?

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