Friday, December 31, 2010

Film Critic Slams Most Of Hollywood

 Film Critic Slams Most Of Hollywood

British film critic David Thomson basically went NUTS on Hollywood this morning. The ­Editor of The Biographical Dictionary Of Film ripped apart almost every A-lister I can think of during an interview with The Daily Mail. Here is just a sample of what he had to say about today’s top celebs:
  • HUGH JACKMAN: He is hot (I suppose). Now, he just needs to be interesting.
  • KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: She is ­astonishingly beautiful. But Keira is about as interesting as a creme brulée where too much refrigeration has killed flavor with ice burn. She is still more credible as a faintly animated photographer’s model than as an actress.
  • BEN AFFLECK: On one hand I have always had a soft spot for Affleck. But my other view is that he is boring, ­complacent and criminally lucky to have got away with everything so far.
  • BRAD PITT: Hardly anything he touches now is less than ‘precious’ and ‘awesome’ — it can’t be long before he begins to look very tired.
  • HILARY SWANK: In nearly everything she has done, she has been pretty, dull, ordinary and incapable of lifting the film clear of a sanctimonious mud.
  • JENNIFER ANISTON: She’s in her 40s now and her £5 ­million-a-movie career ­cannot go on for much longer. But rather in the manner of Doris Day, while one can make gentle fun of Jennifer Aniston, it’s hard to dislike her.
  • DREW BARRYMORE: I can’t help finding it shocking, as well as startling, that Drew Barrymore was born so recently (in 1975), and yet seems to have been here, and a problem, for so long.
  • GEORGE CLOONEY: It’s clear, as he approaches 50, that George Clooney is the most liked actor in U.S. ­pictures. And it is also clear that he knows it.
  • MATT DAMON: What’s most interesting about Damon is the very lack of good looks — and the feeling of a squashed and rebuilt face.
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