Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vaseline &Skin is Amazing& campaign

A-list celebrities including Sarah Michelle Gellar, now officially revealed as the Vaseline “mystery” celebrity, Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, Jacqueline Bisset, Kim Raver, John Leguizamo, Minnie Driver, Dave Navarro and Regina King have bared their skin in the Vaseline “Skin is Amazing” campaign.

Most people take their skin for granted. So to help people appreciate their skin and its many amazing functions, each of these celebrities posed for special skin portraits that demonstrate what they find most amazing about their skin -- from its expressiveness to its resilience to its ability to protect us.

Fans will have the chance to purchase these one-of-a-kind autographed portraits during the Vaseline “Skin is Amazing” photo auction, which will benefit the Coalition of Skin Diseases.

The photographs, shot by renowned photographer Walter Chin, feature a personal quote from each celebrity about the intimate relationship between them and their skin:

• Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar says her skin is amazing because it defends against everything
• Starlet Amanda Bynes has been performing since she was a child and says what she finds most amazing about her skin is that it's expressive
• Performer Hilary Duff says her skin blushes when she’s embarrassed, but she is comfortable in it
• Legendary actress Jacqueline Bisset says her skin is resilient; it is a great gift to her
• Emmy-nominated actress and singer Minnie Driver says herfreckly skin is amazing because it reveals her Irish heritage
• Musician Dave Navarro views his skin as communicative -- his tattoos are a living diary of his life
• Kim Raver, star of NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, was pregnant during the shoot and was amazed by how her skin changed and stretched during pregnancy
• John Leguizamo, a boxer and actor, says what he appreciates most about his skin is it allows him to be versatile
• Actress and mother Regina King posed with her son Ian to symbolize the protective nature of skin

The photos will be auctioned off from February 12th – 22nd on Proceeds of the auction will benefit the Coalition of Skin Diseases, an organization which advocates on behalf of individuals with skin disease by supporting clinical research, fostering physician and patient education and generating awareness while improving the quality of life for those affected.

Vaseline is manufactured by Unilever, one of the world's largest consumer products companies. With a 135-year heritage as America's most trusted healthy skin expert and more than 30 years as a leading hand and body lotion, Vaseline Lotion delivers products that meet the specific needs of consumers, no matter their lifestage or lifestyle.

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