Monday, August 9, 2010

Aishwarya gives a miss to Robot music launch

On account of a sudden and severe viral attack, Aishwarya Rai had to give Rajnikanth’s music launch for Enthiran/Robot a miss The rampant viral fever in Mumbai is sparing no one.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was all set to leave Mumbai on Friday morning for the music release of the Telugu version of Shankar's Enthiran/Robot.

But on Friday morning Aishwarya woke up with burning fever and was hardly able to move out of her bed. Says a source very close to Ash, "She paniced on Friday morning.

They had arranged a lavish function in Hyderabad for the music release. Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi was to be the chief guest.

Aishwarya's co-star Rajnikanth, who recently called her " the female Rajnikanth" had personally requested her to come."

Apparently, On Abhishek's and mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan's insistence, Aishwarya gave the function a miss.

At the function however, a recorded message from her was played for the crowd that had gathered to see her. She also sent personal apologies to Rajnikanth and Chiranjeevi.

Regretting her sudden illness, Aishwarya said, "I was so looking forward to being in Hyderabad. But due to high fever, the doctor insisted I stay home and rest." Don't worry Abhi, she didn't forget to mention your name on purpose. (theaishwaryarai)

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