Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Air Scare! Victoria Beckham's Flight Makes Emergency Landing


Where Victoria Beckham goes, drama follows. Even at 30,000 feet.

The skies were far from friendly for Lady Becks on Saturday, when her Los Angeles-bound flight was forced to divert back to London after the plane's fuel system developed a fault.

The flight was in the air for roughly an hour before the glitch was detected and the plane was forced to return to Heathrow.

"There was no risk at any time to the customers on board," a spokeswoman for British Airways said. "The airborne return was a precautionary measure."

No risk at all except for the danger of being being photographed twice in the same outfit.

But while the British tabloids seem to have taken issue (or delight) with the fashion plate's decision to change clothes between flights, most failed to note that there was actually a full day's lag time between her boarding calls…so fair's fair, people.

"It meant an extra night in London but she's back in America now," Beckham's spokesman said. "She's fine and there's nothing to worry about."

Nothing, that is, except the revelation that Posh's terrified face looks an awful lot like her happy face. And annoyed face. And any other face she puts on in public.

Her Poshness touched down safely in L.A. yesterday.  (eonline.com)

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