Tuesday, April 13, 2010

See Deep inside through Praneetha's legs

Interview with Suman Pathuri
I was born in India, Raised in the US. Since a young age I was fascinated with movies a lot, I think right when I was about 10 or 11 yrs old I have decided that I have to do something in movies. The fixation grew on me as I grew up, Thanks to my High-school (Cupertino High, Cupertino,CA) with the resources they have provided during my high school years and especially with the help of our Creative Arts Head, Mrs.Linda Reynolds, my fixation turned into passion. During the last semester of high school my dad asked what do you want to after high school as it is time to apply for colleges, I said i want to get into movies as an editor/director, I was expecting a 'NO', but i guess as we call it a twist in the movies he agreed to put me through film school with out any hesitation. I should really be thankful to my parents for never stopping from what I really wanted to do. So I have joined Art Academy for BFA in Film, towards the end of my 1st year I met Raj Nidamouru and Krishna DK (Recently made their Bollywood debut '99') who at the point were about to release their NRI English film 'Flavors', I had a very little stint in that movie before the release.

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