Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Riya Sen inSexy Action with Tight Denim

Everyone wants to marry Riya

It seems actress Riya Sen is feeling very insecure and uncomfortable these days. And surprisingly, she is already fed up of men. It is not because of her forgettable past broken relationships but obsession of guys on her. She said that sometimes she feels everyone wants to marry her. The sexy actress admitted that she feels happy when somebody appreciates and praises her looks but guys make her sick more than often by trying to woo her wherever she goes. She knows she has to look glamorous to survive in the film industry. She also loves the attention she gets but sometimes it becomes too much to take. She said that guys should stop trying to woo her because she can choose her man.

Well, the actress should also know that this is the price one pays for name and fame!

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