Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Farzana Covers her sexy body with a wet cloth

Naresh a strong affair with Farzana! 

The lean and lanky hero Allari Naresh is no doubt famous for the minimum guarantee success that he has been delivering at the box office but now he has also begun to hit the headlines for other reasons too. One thing that has been making a lot of buzz about him is his so called link ups with his co-stars which are rather seasonal.
Apparently, Naresh was said to be having a strong affair with Farzana for a while before the focus shifted on him and Manjari, later on he was linked up to Tanya and right now, the current season of dating that he has been doing is said to be with the pretty girl Madalasa Sharma who paired with him in the dud movie ’Fitting Master’. However, sources close to Madalas and Naresh have confirmed that there is nothing going on between me and him. Given his single status and the celebrity image, guess this must have become quite common to him.

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